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          Starting and running a small business requires a very broad skill set and nerves of steel. It's not for everyone, and even successful entrepreneurs encounter failure from time to time. In order to help you stay ahead of the curve, FindLaw's Small Business Law section covers everything from obtaining financing and hiring employees, to choosing the right insurance policies and filing taxes. Those who operate small businesses typically wear many different hats, but also must know when and how to seek help from others.

          Starting a Business

          • First Steps
          • Financing
          • Business Plans
          • More...

          Incorporation and Legal Structures

          • Choosing a Legal Structure
          • Partnerships
          • Corporations
          • More...

          Employment Law and Human Resources

          • Employment Law Overview
          • Wages and Benefits
          • Discrimination and Harassment
          • More...

          Intellectual Property

          Business Finances

          • Business Accounting
          • Extending Credit
          • Debt Collection
          • More...

          Business Contracts and Forms

          • Contract Law
          • Drafting Contracts
          • Sample Contracts and Forms
          • More...

          Business Taxes

          • Business Tax Basics
          • Start-Up Tax Issues
          • More...

          Business Debt and Bankruptcy

          • Dealing with Debt
          • Business Bankruptcy
          • More...

          Business Operations

          • Marketing and Advertising
          • Internet and E-Commerce
          • Commercial Leases and Zoning
          • More...

          Business Liability and Insurance

          • Business Liability
          • Workers' Compensation
          • Insurance Policies
          • More...

          Business Laws and Regulations

          • Environmental Laws
          • Immigration Law
          • Business Regulations
          • More...

          Closing a Business

          • How to Close a Business
          • Selling a Business
          • More...

          Business Lawyers and Resources

          • Hiring a Business Lawyer
          • Forms and Resources
          • More...

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          Next Steps

          Contact a qualified business attorney to help you navigate any part of the business life cycle.

          Help Me Find a Do-It-Yourself Solution

          • Small Business Packages
          • Contract Forms
          • Small Business Forms

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